Professional Editing Services

Karren Doll Tolliver
Professional Editing and Proofreading Services
Email me: KDTProEditing @
Call me: US Telephone (727) 777-3226

  • Bachelors in English
  • Native English speaker
  • Fiction/Non-Fiction
  • Proofreading
  • Copy editing (light, medium, heavy)
  • Content/Structure editing
  • Editing of texts translated from different languages
  • Freelance writing (articles, SEO content, blogs)
  • Competitive rates

What my customers say:

“Karren is not only a meticulous editor but a pleasure to work with. With her careful editing, I was able to publish my e-books with confidence. She’s thorough, accurate, and her editorial comments were very helpful. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a talented copy editor and will certainly use Karren again for my next book!”

Laura Annan, author of Stepping Stones to Heal Relationship Endings series

“Karren Doll Tolliver is consistently a reliable, creative and resourceful writer. She developed the written content for the launch of our themes/templates. We’re a web design company, based in Germany, that works with private customers and small businesses. We wanted to communicate the functionality of our themes/templates without engaging in ‘geek-speak’. Karren polishes our translated English to native-speaker quality. She accepts all creative challenges with a positive attitude, is pleasant to work with, and hands me polished, well-researched copy every time.”

Marcel Mädche

“I have decided to hire Karren D. Tolliver to edit my ongoing Amazon Jack Cordell and Clay Jared western series simply because she delivers what she says she will. She has never missed a deadline and her work is the best I’ve come across in a long, long time. I feel lucky to have found her. Thank you, Karren.

R. Annan, author of the Jack Cordell and Clay Jared Western series


Published by

Karren Doll Tolliver

It seems that 2016 has been the year of flags flying at half-staff all around our globe because of, among other things, intolerance among people. I'm a firm believer that traveling opens minds and promotes understanding. I truly think that if people traveled more they would lose any fear or intolerance toward others unlike themselves. If we understand one another, we appreciate one another. Therefore, I dedicate my travel blog to those who cannot travel for whatever reason in the hopes that some understanding will seep through via my articles. Here in this blog I bring my travel experiences, cultural notes and authentic recipes to you via words and photographs. I hope, in some small way, to promote a more peaceful world and to focus my readers on the beautiful things about our planet and ourselves. Finally, I hope to bring a smile to your faces as you learn through my experiences.

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