Project Management for PhD Students by Dr. Karen Dittmann (copyeditor/proofreader)

Western novels by R. Annan (copyeditor/proofreader)

Self-help books by Laura Annan (copyeditor/proofreader)

English translation of Hairstar.de hair salon (copyeditor/proofreader)

Leadinjection.io: WordPress Multisite Setup instructions (copyeditor/proofreader)

Technical Writing

Leadinjection.io: Movers Landing Page Template Announcement (writer)

Sciencing.com: How to Find the Radius of the Earth (writer)

Chron.com: How to Locate the Root Folder for Microsoft (writer)

Professional Writing

Karren’s books on Amazon.com (cookbooks, photography books, ESL workbooks) (writer)

A Travel for Taste weekly food and travel blog (writer)

Slow American English monthly English-learning podcast (writer)

eHow.com: How to Reface Kitchen Cabinets with White Merillat Rigid Thermofoil (writer)

Classroom.synonym.com: Automotive Design Schools in Germany (writer)